Introducing Bill the Juggler

Bill Ceddia (a.k.a. Bill the Juggler) is a Stanhope, NJ based juggling historian and performer. At the age of 11, Bill "caught the juggling bug" while vacationing with family in Florida. Little did he know that a chance encounter with a juggling clown at Circus World Theme Park in Orlando would be a life changing event!

After college, Bill reluctantly joined the "real world" after his parents insisted he get a "real job." After several unfulfilling years in the corporate world, Bill left the rat race behind in 2009 in order to persue his lifelong dream of becoming a full-time entertainer. Each year, Bill provides dozens of fun, engaging, and informative programs and shows in a variety of settings:

. Libraries

. Daycares

. Scout Groups

. Private Parties

. Schools

. Summer Camps

. Senior Citizens

. Outdoor Events

. Recreation Departments

. Family Campgrounds

Easy to work with and always on time!